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I did a new thing and it feels really good.

I have allowed something new into my life. I have expanded my circle by joining the Army Reserve! What does this mean? This means solidified stability. This means adventure and most of all inspiration for more music!

The road to a prosperous living as a songwriter is tough. To keep the vision alive, I've graduated college in debt and worked three unpaid internships only to realize that no matter how much I've studied, volunteered or applied myself a little deeper (Note: I regret none of my prior experiences. I'm thankful and learned a great deal from them all.) literally takes being in the right place at the right time to "make it". Persistence will help me follow though, but why enslave myself to one path?

As a creative, it is important to understand that we are not one trick ponies and there is more to us than our gifts. You got a full time job? Awesome. Work it and don't let it go. Use it to your advantage and make use of the steady income. That's exactly what I had to do in my life and honestly it has given me much more balance. Now that I'm in the reserves, life will only get more interesting. As it should be!

This is what I had to learn. Life is not over when we place the needful things first. It only makes room for fresh sentences to be written in our lives, One like, "I, Jamil Elijah Houston do solemnly swear..."(Check me out below in the navy blue tie!)

This is a refreshing moment. This is taking control of my life and I'm so excited for what's next fam! My depth as a songwriter grows exponentially in this very moment that I write this,

What is the needful thing that's been tugging on you lately? More than likely it's good for you if it brings a sense of peace....after filtering through the layers of potential inconvenience that is haha. (<-- These inconvenient experiences will only make you stronger.)

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