• Godssoneli

Who is Godssoneli?

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Godssoneli, whose moniker is Jamil Houston is a songwriter. He specializes in R&B compositions, typically incorporating soulful singing, hip-hop, electronic beat making, ambient sounds and ukulele.

Jamil has been singing for most of his 24-year-old life. His vocal styles range from soul, gospel, hip hop, pop, classical to theatrical. He is a tenor vocalist with a ghostly vibrato, warm-sensual raspiness, and smooth falsetto. 

Jamil Houston devotes his life to songwriting. Wearing many hats, this young trailblazer writes, records, edits, mixes, masters, and publishes his musical compositions. He uses his talents and experience for micro synchronization, constantly creating new music to fit all the great moments to be witnessed on screen.

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